aka eliana / maria / elimari

21 yrs (02.15) - none/pom/she (no they) - half black half mestizo ecuadorian latina

NY | tme | mathematics and fashion enjoyer

ask me for my discord, FB, or instagram :)

i have been dating my amazing boyfriend akim since 08.13.2022


-do not make sexually suggestive comments towards me or my relationship
- if someone i follow is being called out for doing something shitty, privately message me. if you @ me along with a bunch of other people in a public tweet, i will block you.


- proship/anti-anti or you're neutral on it
- if you have been called out for doing bigoted shit (including but not limited to racism/antiblackness) in the past
- you have beef with one of my friends/my boyfriend

club africana

If You Heard Anything Bad About Me, Believe All That Shit And Leave Me The Fuck Alone